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Saturday, 31 July 2004
Rangiroa (a spot of tennis, a visit
to Tiputa, and Josephine's)
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As Tony rose early
to go diving and capture the dawn moonset . . .

. . . CMB took advantage of her hurt eardrum to catch up on her sleep!

You call that form? It looks pretty wussed out to me!

That's better! At least you're swinging your racket back

Hey! Where did the ball go?

Ah, now I see the little bugger!

Nice swing, and looking good to boot

I can feel them biting on my ankles!

"Today, you will swim with the fishes"

Cheesy grin = Lovin' that sunshine

Town Hall of Rangi in sleepy little Tiputa

Local Protestant church is LDS (Mormon)!

The Roman Catholic church is not as pretty

This little house is our dream home

It's full of hand-made soft furnishings

Charming carvings all over the veranda!

Les Relais de Josephine is the local hot spot

Lance and Masaki are divers from Osaka

Waterside dining under the full moon

Another great evening with new friends