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Friday, 30 July 2004
Transfer to the Kia Ora Hotel
on Rangiroa atoll
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Our last fond look back at S/Y Mica, anchored off Hotel Bora Bora awaiting the Sunsail rep

Sean Hanafin comes back to repay our loan - we prevented washing dishes the night before

We couldn't help
but express our happiness at being back on dry land for the rest of our stay!

We were picked up
at Bloody Mary's for the transfer to Vaitape and the ferry to the airport

At the Kia Ora
Hotel, where we
had the fifth overwater bungalow from the left

Our bedroom in
the bungalow - note the honeymoon gift
of two T-shirts
on the bed

The sitting area, complete with fish observation panel underneath the coffee table

Our own private sun/shade/relaxation platform with deck chairs and outdoor shower

Can you spot the "good luck token"
of the carved
wooden penis?

Each bungalow
has direct access
to the lagoon,
of course

A happy girl on
arrival - no more
sea sickness or washing up!

The Skipper is glad
to be relieved of responsibility and just coast for a week

Looking even lovelier than usual - pretty
in pink!

With our first
fancy Polynesian cocktails of
the week

Cornelia tries it
and approves -
her sweet tooth's
in action

Tony's not so
sure - it is on the diabetes-causing sickly sweet side

Tropical martinis
are no better, however

"OK, then, I'll have it", says Cornelia

"No, no, perhaps I acted too hastily"

The end result is
the same, no
matter where