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Thursday, 29 July 2004
A day on Bora Bora
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Tony sets off first thing in the AM for a dive with manta rays

On his return, he hands his log book over for signature

As he gets back on board the divemaster signs the log

Pick-up and delivery service - "rendez-vous" diving is great!

The hotel Meridien, off which we anchored and where we had dinner the night before

Cornelia doing a "cheesecake" pose during our foray into the Bora lagoon

Tony driving home from our exploration of the eastern
portion of the magnificent lagoon

Our home for the week, the sailing yacht "Mica", a Jenneau 37-footer, at anchor in the lagoon

Our last bit of
clean-up before driving the boat (for the last time) back around the lagoon

A horrendous bit
of afternoon anchoring finally succeeds after several attempts

"Schatzi, schau amal!" Tony can't believe what he is seeing -
a just reward
to our efforts

Ho-hum. Just
another glorious
day in Paradise drawing to an end
in a riot of colour

The "menu" at the world-famous Bloody Mary's - note our ship's torch!

A close-up of
the astonishingly fresh seafood
on offer

Tony having a (thankfully rare) serious moment
during dinner

Laurence (see 27th) and Tony looking Gallic - he dreamt
in French by now

Cornelia looking particularly tanned, relaxed and
fetching - what a healthy glow!

Laurence and Eddy looking happy at
the end of a wonderful grilled seafood meal

Reunion of the
"Chez Louise" gang
on Bora Bora - note the sand and
bare feet

We even ran into Sean Hanafin from
Citi London on HIS honeymoon with
new bride Alex