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Tuesday, 27 July 2004
A day on Taha'a (vanilla plantation,
a nice sail and Chez Louise)
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After a nice morning hike, we visit a vanilla plantation

The annual harvest is rotated on drying platforms

After months of drying the pods are stretched and flattened by hand

They are then sorted into piles by quality and by length

The pods are then stored until shipping

Tony's new friend wanted to come too

Goose-winging, the most pleasant way to sail

Bora Bora can be seen on the horizon

Cornelia takes the helm since the yacht is flat

Tony checks the sail trim while CMB steers

Having fun usually involves hard work!

Our home for the night, "Chez Louise"

That first G&T is usually guzzled

No menu - CMB waits with some trepidation

Laurence, whom we had seen earlier in the day

Food is served in split bamboo sections

The best meal of the trip at the lowest price!

Our neighbours, Laurence and Eddy

The hostess (Louise) with pareo/apron

We made a date to meet again in Bora Bora