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Thursday, 22 July 2004
Visit to Pape'ete and lazing around
the lagoon pool
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The sun rising
over Mo'orea

We rode to town
in a "le truck". . .

. . . which is just
a lorry with a
roof and walls!

The central
market in

It is the nerve
centre for Tahiti

An aerial view of
the central market

It is amazingly
huge and varied
in its contents!

Some colorful
local produce

This lowly building housed . . .

. . . the Austrian Consulate!

We found a perfume shop run by
Cornelia's sister

"House Tony" shopping centre!

The Protestant Cathedral is nicer than the
Catholic one

Cornelia writing
one of over
150 postcards she sent out!

This was the lagoon/pool at our hotel - note the swim-up bar and Mo'orea in distance

This was to be
our last night for
a week in a
comfy bed