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Monday, 19 July 2004
Mo'orea with dolphins and
local entertainers
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Our own little "ray"
of sunshine

The best kind
of threesome

"If I weren't already married . . ." [Part 1]

Sorry about your sunburn! What
cream do you use?

Does my nose look
big in this?

PADI "schadenfreude" (Glad we don't have to do THAT again)

Learning plant weaving from
"une mamie"

The crowning

Tahitian Queen!

A flower on your left ear = TAKEN!

A fashion show
to teach us how to wear a pareo

Is that stitch one
and drop two or vice-versa?

A "traditionally built" local Ethel Merman

And Tahiti scores
a try! (Or is it a touchdown?)

"If I weren't already married . . ." [Part 2]

Folk singing lesson
for CMB (Thanks,
Tigre Serruchapuente)