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4 August 2004
More snorkeling, some deep sea fishing
and another dance show
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Cornelia prepares
with a fish familiarisation outing

"They're starting to nibble on me!"

Soon, the fish
had completely devoured her

Our stately craft
for the afternoon

Game fish lunch -
our tackle box

The indomitable Charley, our
fishing guide

The intrepid crew knows not what's
in store

CMB, however, has
a sixth sense

Everything is in readiness, including the knife

But nothing is happening for
three long hours

Although CMB tried
to help by feeding
the fish

And so the day
ended fishless

Amazing what a couple of cocktails can do

The Polynesian equivalent of a
conga line

Polynesian "Schuhplattler"

Thankfully, the last
of the Polynesian shows